Visiting an inmate at the Clark County Detention Center

The Clark County Detention Center is accountable for detaining people who’ve been arrested for a crime within Clark County Nevada. It is a Las Vegas Jail and is among the biggest jails in the entire State of Nevada.

To learn who’s in jail at Clark County Detention Center you’ll want to use the ccdc inmate lookup to search for the inmate you want to visit. It’s also possible to just visit the jail and ask the front desk for more information about inmates housed at the detention center.

If you’ve followed all the steps above and still can not locate the inmate you’re searching for, the man or woman may be in another jail.

When you see an inmate at CCDC, you’re not permitted to stay alone in same room together with the inmate though you will be able to visit for an extended period of time. Hopefully this visit gives you a bit of relief being able to see and speak with your loved one again. It can be very difficult when a family member is spending time inside a jail, not just for the inmate, but the entire family involved. It’s a good idea to make things a bit easier for the inmate as well by helping them with inmate funds.

The imposing rules set upon the inmate also apply to all their visitors, as they have to enter the jail facility to make the visit. This means visiting during the permitted hours of visitation, on the visitation days. You will also need to be searched for contraband, to make sure you are not bringing any forbidden items into the detention center.